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The Writing Ladder Program

The Writing Ladder Program is designed to take any student (above age 8) through adult from the very beginning to very advanced writing skill.

The Writing Ladder Program starts with very easy lessons and progresses, like going up the steps of a ladder, to more difficult assignments in easy steps. Because what you learn on the lowest rungs or steps of the ladder prepares you to understand assignments of the next difficulty level, each upward step seems no harder than the preceding step.

The Writing Ladder Program can be used for self-instruction. Lessons are sequenced according to difficulty. Full and clear directions are given for every step. Samples of successful student written answers to assignments are included. Scoring rubrics are included for many writing assignments for student, teacher, or parent use.

The Writing Ladder Program may be used by students for self-instruction. The program may also be used by teachers for whole class or individualized instruction. Teachers who use The Writing Ladder Program will not run out of writing assignments or ideas for their students to write about.

The Writing Ladder Program may be used as an effective element of any home school education program too.

The Writing Ladder Program author has used these lessons with students of many grade and ability levels, from late elementary to middle to high school and beyond. The author helped his students pass the writing portion of the Michigan Educational Assessment Program writing tests using lessons contained in The Writing Ladder Program. A number of the authorís students were prepared for journalism class and wrote articles featured in local newspapers.

The Writing Ladder Program includes lessons and instruction for all four modes of discourse: narration, description, exposition, and argumentation. Students who use this program become practiced writers of engaging narrative and effective exposition.

The bottom rungs of the writing ladder begin with lessons on writing issue paragraphs. The upper rungs extend to writing research papers and creative writing (short stories and plays).
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Last Updated: December 24th, 2012